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Magpie Is Warbling
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

Magpie Is Warbling

A magpie is warbling on a July night
Under a starry sky in the moonlight
With his breeding borders for him to defend
At this time of year he treats none as a friend
In the late Winter of the southern year
At night the warbling of his kind one often does hear
In their familiar songs the message of fear
A warning to males of their kind living near
Into our territory you best not stray
Or from there me and my partner will chase you away
In the nearby paddock on the moonlit trees
His message of warning carrying in the breeze
In the moonlight under the starlit sky
On a cold night in latter July.

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Under moonlight sky we feel the visionary and imagery. A magpie is warbling on a July night. An excellent poem is beautifully penned.