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Magpies Singing At Night
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Magpies Singing At Night

Each time I hear a magpie sing in the dead of the night
I feel a gush of happiness my heart beats with delight
It may be the depths of Winter but when at night the magpie's song i hear
I think of balmy days ahead and i know that Spring is near.

In their breeding Season from mid Winter well into the Spring
At night in the Town Parkland the magpies always sing
How beautiful in the calm dark their flute like notes do ring
Some seem to think their nocturnes are a territorial thing.

Sweet music in the darkness that to Nature's soul belong
How beautiful to wake at night to the white backed magpie's song
In their breeding Season the male magpies they find it hard to sleep
A vigil at their borders they feel obliged to keep.

The night is dark and moonless yet in the park across the way
The magpies they are singing as if it were break of day
Their flute like notes so beautiful one never could mistake
They sing all through the dark night and fanfare the daybreak.

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