Mahadev Roy, -A Token Of Love And Gratitude. The President Of Moula Netagi Vidyalaya, -12 Grade Govt.Sponsored School

Others do little, and say more,
Seek to open many doors,
And project their Gay, in life’s bay,
But you with your certitude and faith,
Go steady by and by,
Your fostered love and empathy,
For your fellow-comrades try and cry.

Honesty, -the God’s sceptre,
Is alert in your conscience,
And keeps vigilant to your –path-way,
Love, the herald of Almighty,
Blooms in your nurtured garden.

Hey dear friend, friend to Mankind,
Your pilgrimage in this earth,
Would certainly give birth,
And leave tenor the grass-root goodness of the Divine,
You in thousands hearts, when you would depart,
Peep like Daisy and beacon-shine.

by Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Comments (4)

Mahsdev Roy the present president of my school is the character of this poem .
The poet gets enriched with the contact of Mahadev Ray, -a virtue oriented personality. And this poem attempts to have a peep to the charms of the personality of that friend to the Mankind.
Thanks for this emotional tribute and a send off to a great soul that has given inspiration to so many people for such a long period. I would like to quote a few lines: Your fostered love and empathy / Honesty, -the God’s sceptre / Is alert in your conscience / Love, the herald of Almighty / Blooms in your nurtured garden.
Acknowledgement of dedicated work for a section of society performed by an individual from his associates/ admirers is very touching. In this vast nation of ours, there is no dearth of such noblemen and it is our duly to acquaint the society with them and their work. Thanks for sharing.10 + points.