(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Mahanadi And Sita: Tapasvini

Then came a lady newly adorned,
comely-limbed with lustres bright and neat.
Sha has courageously churned
the affliction wrought by severe heat.

Of sylvan damsels,
she is a life-long comrade.
Garnished her neck has been
with garlands of Girimallika fine.
Madhuka flowers as crest-jewels
have beautified her forehead.

Her ear-ornaments are the blue
gems of fruits of Jambu.
Her girdle is made of oysters.
Minds of sages, the forest-dwellers,
she has nicely attracted.
Further she has decorated
very beautifully
the black braid comely and curly.

Before Sita, she appeared
with enraptured mien
and expressed word
soft, gentle, nectarine.

"O Noble-natured Queen!
Deign to accept my gratitude.
The debt of affections benign,
I owe you for good.
How shall I repay these?
I'm incapable. O Virtuous One!
Oblige me please
accepting my hearty devotion.

Aren't here many
in this world, like me?
But who has been
blessed with your such grace divine?

With your auspicious glance,
my sands turned into dusts of gold and
you made my heart the diamond-land,
as it gave, in sportive observance,
ecstasies of delight
to your supernal sight.

From Vishnu's feet, beautifully appearing,
Though there is ever-flowing
Holy Ganga, the daughter
of Himalaya, the mountain-lord,
still with the epithet conferred
on me by your good lady,
I'm Mahanadi,
the Great River."

(Extracts from ‘Tapasvini of Gangadhara Meher'
By Dr. Harekrishna Meher)
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