Mahatma Gandhi-2

wake up, Bapu!
it is time
you are given
the second bath
of the year
and the last one too.
spin doctors
of modern India
two baths a year
for you,
equal number
of Ramdhuns
in a year,
resting place
at Rajghat
will get floral decor,
thousands other statues
will be cleared
of few months deposit
of birds' refuse on them,
hardly you will be fed
any thing,
our netas sitting before
your statues
will be
watching the watches
to get away from this all,

with all this
that the ignoramus
do to you,
you keep smiling
Father of this nation!

few realise that
without you
at that juncture,
we would be yoked
to the soil,

what reason for
the benevolent smile,
do tell us.

it is increasingly
to distinguish
looters from the leaders,
lawless from the lawkeepers,

what future ahead of us,
what character for our children,

you will still
Father to the nation,
60 years down the road
of democracy,
we have not got a worthy son,
a worthy heir to
your legacy.

you will still remain
Father to the Nation.


by samyak jain

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a responsible citizen's agony rightly expressed...