Mai Love

Poem By Thai Chung

Being with you fills my heart with happiness
The happiness that i gain when I'm with you is ceaseless
The feelings i have express for you is ever so true
If you were to ever cry I'll be there with a tissue

The times we spend at the hyperdome
Just being with you makes me feel I'm at home
Being with you makes me feel so carefree
I would be with you even if you were moody

I'll wait hours upon end
just to see you because you are my best friend
The feeling i get being with you is indescribable
Too me your just like a precious jewel

Your too valuable for me to let you go
Not like my other friends who just left with the flow
I'll fight this flow just to be with you
Because your my precious friend whom i can lean-to

Sitting next too you looking into your eyes
And how they remind me of the sunrise
and how beautiful they are to me
Feeling so wanted, reassured and never lonely

You may not feel beautiful
but too me you just that, beautiful
your a godsend from above
the one i will love

All i really want to convey
and really want to say
is these three simple words to you
I love you

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