Maiden Of The Winter Rose

Falling down the herald snow
The winter chill a breath to blow
To tumble the hand of fate
The harsh breath to never abate
Entombed beneath the ground
The heart of her in crystal
A fine gem of appraisal, true
To wrest from the grasp of winter though
To wade through bitterness, to wade through snow
Poses question gold and bold
Who would have such gall?
Deep into the caverns wide
The hoarfrost parts beneath my stride
The paths so dark, the morning lark
Sees no songs to sing
Into the bed of her repose
The sunshine cries its dew
Her noble crown, the blackest rose
Surprisingly warm and new
Her life quite spend, I did repent
Cast her new in sheets of verse
To return the warmth to her glassy heart
The catatonia reverse
Her eyes a brown, a rich, deep brown
Brown of forests lush and grand
Open tremulously slow
As her form grasps my hand
Into my arms I bear her away
The tomb she shall depart
Though have I the priceless gem
It and I shall never part
Though all the wealthy bishops jeer, gold wrought from their lord’s call
I denounce them all as beggars, for I am richest now of all.

by Andrew Raines

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That is very nice! Your style is similar to mine. lol. very nice!