JG (22nd March 1989 / Bristol)

Main Focus

I’m not some commercial,
I’m happy to take a back seat,
You don’t have to advertise me,
I don’t want to live my life through a lens.

I’ve been made the centre of attention,
I was just content with being ignored,
Your filthy little rumours,
Have spread my secrets throughout the world.

I don’t want to be in the middle of this circle anymore,
It’s so much easier the way it was before,
I changed everything in a goal to impress,
I didn’t know it would cause this much stress,
I need to get out, become invisible again,
But my portraits locked within this frame.

There’s something else lurking inside
Would they still follow if they only knew?
That under all the make-up and clothes,
They really don’t have a clue.

Popularity wasn’t worth this,
Look at what creature it’s created,
Arrogance, selfishness, betraying,
Everything you have hated.

by Jess Green

Comments (1)

Sweet Jess Green; the poem is worth reading; a new thought has been presented in it. The poetess is aware that the so-called repute is fleeting. One's mission must not be to get fame through false means, but more than that to utilize each moment of life considering it the most precious gem. Language is effective suits tothe superb contentment in the poem. Well done. Hugs; Muhammad shanazar