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Maitri Is Forty

She cannot be forty you are kidding me
Maitri looks younger at most thirty three
Why appearance the true facts of age can belie
Is something that has caused me to wonder why?

Could it be of her life worries Maitri makes light
She always seems happy and bubbly and bright
No lines on her face and no gray in her hair
And she is not one of those who is shackled by care.

Well liked and well known and one many admire
In the place once known as Sherbrooke now the Yarra Ranges Shire
From her old Homeland of New Zealand many miles away
But she loves the old hills and in the old hills she will stay.

To toast her on her birthday the toasting glass we will raise
And were I a poet I'd pen a song in her praise
A song for Maitri to it has a nice ring
A song that a singer would feel proud to sing.

That Maitri is forty I scarce can believe
For she looks years younger or do my eyes me deceive
Her appearance says thirty at most thirty three
And four decades of life in her face I can't see.

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