AR ( / United States)

Majestic Land

Blue Fairies fly across the mesmerizing sky
Full of life
Full of hope
Full of courage
Full of purpose

Roses lay pleasantly on the stems
As the fireflies buzz the air
The fairies play happily
The ducks swim in the lavish pond
The rabbits look with their daunting eyes
The frogs slurp flies from the fresh air
The turtles slowly walk through the soft green grass
The fish gracefully swim and sing

This place is magnificent
Because of its gorgeous beauty
Who knew there was such a place?

Mary who is thirteen
Appears to be puzzled by Majestic Land
Since she dreamt of it
It's a place where Mary can escape reality
By dreaming of a magical world filled with grace

Mary looks forward to sleep
To dream a scene of peace
From all the injustice in the world

Keep dreaming Mary for what dreams
May come

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