Majesty Of The Time Frozen Illusion

Once upon a time,3 am, all was peaceful in the dark
The world has stopped turning, nothing stirs as I sit all alone in the park
People say to beware of what hides in the shadows and mist
But the world once it stopped turning became mine, how could I resist

No one to care about me, no one to hate me, no one to even think of me
No one to tell me what to think, no one to tell me who to be
No one to tell me what to do, or what not to
No one to stop me from what I put myself through

For the world has stopped turning and all there is freedom
What ever I want is mine, the world is my kingdom
Music pumped high, can’t hear what I think about
Freedom to drown myself in emotion, just scream and shout

Not another soul stirs, The world is frozen lifeless
I like it better this way I must confess
But it cannot last for slowly the sun rises, noises they come
Destiny puts the world back turning, ruining my world, my conquest, my fun

With the light on the horizons, and sleep taking me away
To another night, when the world stops turning and I come out to play
And life continues in its life of shit, were everyone else has control of me, throwing me to confusion
But a different person is what the world sees, to the majesty of the time frozen illusion.

by Saz Fairy

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