Make A Baby With Me

Biological clock ticking
Don't want to
Just can't wait another second
I have to hold a child
My child in my arms
All I need now to make my dream come true is one good man
Perfect, handsome and smart
Who wants to be the lucky one that I choose?
Who wants to make a baby with me tonight?

Not just any man will do
For this job you have to have more then just the right equipment
You have to have a heat, caring and honor
All the things it takes to make you the perfect father
Someone who I can raise our son or little girl with proudly
Without shame
I need the best this world this has to offer
The best I can find to
Make a baby with me

Just one man
One time
That's all I know it's gonna take
Then 9 wonderful months from now....
My fantasy will become reality
Sweet, amazing reality
The miracle of birth
This dream we can share together forever if only you will...
Make a baby with me

No wedding ring
No promises
All I want from you is your seed
Planted deep inside to grow
One night in my bed
You get what you want
I get what I want
A simple easy plan
Make a baby with me and forever we can one big happy family

by Ramona Thompson

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