Make Believe

Make believe you're happy when you're blue
Make a smile mean more than it should do
Take the time to please someone you know
Give some hope to children as they grow

Make it known that people class you as
A person they can trust and not an ass
Make it seem that love can find a way
To help them make the best of every day

Give of yourself, but do not ask for more
Take time to open each and every door
The world is in a hurry, so be slow
Invest in love, and watch your feelings grow

Make all you have worth something in the end
Regard your enemies as more than friends
And give them every chance to then regain
What they think lost, and will not have again

Remember life is shorter than we think
It's over in the matter of a blink
So make believe you're happy, when you're blue
And make a smile mean more than it should do

by Phil Soar

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