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Make Believe Cowboy
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Make Believe Cowboy

Poem By Marilyn Lott

Have you ever wanted to make believe
That you were an expert with a rope?
I know it takes a lot of practice
Along with a bundle of hope

All ‘ya gotta do is dress real fancy
Plop a western hat upon your head
Dress in cowboy type of clothes
Or maybe jeans and a shirt instead

Find a rope that’s very nimble
But heavy enough to swing
Give yourself plenty of room
Make the rope into a ring

Then you find yourself a target
And practice until you’re the best
Well, maybe you never will be
But it’s kinda fun to take the test

I remember as a little girl
My big brother tried out his tricks
The problem with his practice was
I was the object in which his eye was fixed!

I’d say my prayers real quick because
I never knew what was in store
It was easier though than his knife throwing
And then “Don’t hurt me” I’d implore

So whatever catches your fancy
Whatever is up your sleeve
Put everything you can into it
Take some time to make believe!

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