KJ (13/01/89 / Newcastle)

Make It Stop

Sitting alone scared in the dark
Hoping it stop with all your heart
Praying to be saved day after day
Hoping it will just go away
It will eventually stop you hope
How can you manage to carry on and cope
You cant tell no-one they wont believe you,
they will say its your fault too
Its hands all over you not leaving go
not being able to stop this makes you feel so low
Its starts to go beneath your clothes
You dont want it to go there but it goes
It finally stops and pretends it didnt happen
you just want to run and run
You cant believe it hapening to you
You've got to live with this for the rest of your life too
You'll get over this you know you can
sex offenders, there should be a ban

inspired from an article in a magazine, no one should go through this

by Kirsti Jennifer

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