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Make Me A Poet
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

Make Me A Poet

Poem By David Taylor

Enough of poetry
What of one who embodies it
Who is called poet?

Can you take a knife
And separate poetic words
From his being?

Cut open his heart
And find an alphabet soup
Waiting to be shaped?

Examine neural pathways
Defining a system of communication
Producing poetic thought?

Make me a poet
Tell me the constituent ingredients
And how to mix?

Let us try
Take being as a foundation
And add passion as a spice.

Blend in love throughout
Serve on a plate of compassion
And cover with humility.

Bake for a few years
In the heat of the transitory
Dessert of strife.

Throw on some decorations
Made of mirages
And fruit from an oasis.

And tempted by sweet decoration
Eat his flesh
With your mind’s eyes.

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There are many of us that keep coming back for more of what you write....so our mind's eye must love this poet we read: O)