Make Me An Offer

Make me an offer,
Of course, I won’t refuse.
Buying souls is what I do.
Money, drugs ambition, sin,
I’ll do anything to win.

How badly do you want to succeed
Is where your judgment
Should take heed.

I’ll follow you everywhere you go,
To work, to church and I’m
Constantly in your home.
If it wasn’t for God always
By your side,
I’d be displaying your
Soul like a trophy with pride.

It’s hard when you talk to Him everyday,
Asking Him to show you the way.
Praising God incessantly.
I want more people to praise me.

When ever you need help
And your faith is not strong.
I’ll always be there to help you along.
I am Satan in case you haven’t guessed
You can bet I’m around whenever
There’s chaos.

I’ll give you anything your heart desires,
But you’ll eventually have to pay,
In the fire.
If you ever find that it’s me you prefer,
Don’t hesitate to make me an offer.

by Cassandra Boyd

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