Make Me Cry With Scarlet Tears

I fear my own emotions
Afraid to feel the truth
Denying every beat of my heart
Afraid the world will fall apart

Do feelings matter anymore?
All that matters is the lie
The dreamer's sky, forsaken's cry
Shall be real, oh, nevermore!

The stronger is the feeling, ever frailer is the shell
Underneath the mask of warmth lies a hidden, frozen hell
In your ignorant eyes I see the worst of all my fears
Make my cry with scarlet tears.

by Inbar

Comments (2)

well wonderful words and exeprions but you should belive that the lies will die and the truth will just stay *i hope to read my poem we are for you and give me your truth opinon Good Luck Laila Lili
make me cry with scarlet tears that is amazing keep it up inbar