Make Sense: My Head

There is sometimes a silence
That is not to be contained
I keep my distance trying not
To scare you away
And yet the thoughtless words
That fall from my lips
Tear you apart
And make you run away
If only you knew how much
Your long distance friendship
Means to me
I don’t know why I do this to those
That I want to be close to
I push you away
Sometimes in reality but
Mostly in my mind
Because of things that have happened
To me it is hard to let it all go
I am also afraid that I will
Give everything of me just like
I do for everyone that I love
I don’t want to be broken
And yet I think I am willing
In a twisted way I want to know
What that feels like
I don’t know if these words will
Ever make sense on paper
I mean they don’t even
Make sense in my head
I hope and pray that somehow this
Little though of mine someohow
Makes it to your eyes
Sorry if I scare you away
Sometimes it my only form of protection
Against pain
Forgive me

Know that I am praying that
You read this

by The Dreamers Movement

Comments (3)

A well thought out write, nice piece. Well composed, your emotions felt true and sincere. Fantastic delivery. All the best Jon
What an amazing piece of poetry and emotion! !
amazing..........i can feel the emotion