Make Them Friendly

If you want to live in reality
First and foremost thing, feel no pity
Always bow down and pray almighty
For real sense to prove worthy

The love river must flow
It must share water and allow
All people to avail from same source
That is strong love force

As we take same water
And use it to cater
For our daily use
Love shall accommodate all and never refuse

It must be in abundance
With love's essence
As we do not know
When shall come signal to go

It is there I humbly state
And submissively relate
Add no enemy
But make them friendly

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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thought provoking Wendy Gembolis1 minute ago makes you really think Comment +1 Not clear Bryan Unwin2 minutes ago Not sure where you are going with this, or what the purpose of the poem was.
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Hasmukh Mehta welcome Sajini Chandrasekera, JaiRam Tiwari and แทนขวัญ พอใจ like this. Just now · Unlike · 1
Finally I found what you are Cunning fox and liar