Make This Heart To Smile

I really need to be telling you,
i feel some thing i never felt before.
I'm honest it's so real and it's true,
i can't hide what i feel any more.
Is it love or is it some thing else?
for the very first time i can't seem to know me.
So, i despairdly need your help,
if you can tell me where i will be.
Stars and seas are in your eyes,
i drown while i'm blinded by their light.
You are more eloquent than i've fantasied,
and i care to be with you tonight...
Some thing tells me if your words i believe,
i'll be knowing the most beautiful truth in my life.
Some thing tells me you won't decieve,
i already feel like breathing, like i'm alive.
And my dreams are coming true,
and the father of my child finally had a name.
I'll defy the whole world for you,
and i'll stand by you no matter if i'm to blame.
The beat of my heart is loud,
i have trouble breathing around you any where.
I'll look you within the crowd,
no matter where you are, i will be there.
I care not for this world,
as long as you'll lead me holding my hand.
But i do care to be your girl,
just your lips i'll comprehence,
and only your language i'll understand...
Share this life and make it better,
i really feel like needing you, stay for a while.
Write me a poem and a love letter,
promise me happiness and make this heart to smile...

by Eman Awad

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