Make-Up Man

"Hey, you, make-up man!"
Beamed young movie star;
"Must look sixty; plan
With your Magic Jar!
Please do not be late;
Producer won't wait! Age me soon!
Do by noon!"
'Twas then that a voice
Crashed through roof, with noise:
"I am your heavenly Producer,
Humanity's Make-Up Master!
Wait till I make you Sixty,
For Wrinkles, real 'n pretty!" (Click.........Silence) Visitor Earthy, Mother was.
Always there for me,
long as I recall.
"With us, Mom will be;
forever on call." Took that for granted.
In her last two years,
complacent we were.
Her visits I skimped;
red roses we skipped. Suddenly, fell ill;
quickly, Mom was gone.
Then occurred to me,
Mom came to Earth awhile,
to visit with us!

by Ben Sheldon

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