Make Your Mark

In my office was a guy
This's how he made his mark
He would raise a hue and cry
When he did the smallest work!

Though there were quite a few
That performed more than him
Only this man knew
How to raise the steam!

Not a chance was missed
To harp on smallest feat
To come to fore noticed
And reap the reward sweet!

There're guys that brag and bark
Their own drums loudly beat
And men that make their mark
In noiseless quiet retreat!

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Comments (2)

Such men who brag and bark, harp on small feat and reap the reward are quite common in every office! The real great men noiselessly leave their mark, but very rarely noticed! A great truth told through a remarkable write!
Quite a humorous make his mark he raises a hue and cry while doing the smallest work....... beautiful satire composed wonderfully