(September 15 / Vallejo)

Makes The Difference

They say it all the time,
I heard them.
Everyone is different,
Or so they say.
We all have different personalities,
Things that make us uniquer.
But we've all been sad or happy once,
Shouldn't there be something a little deeper.
I've thought this over once or twice,
And I've settled on an answer.
It's what we persevere to be,
A hero, an idol, a doctor, or even a dancer.
But I still have some questions,
What if I have yet to find my goal.
Am I nothing,
Do I even have a soul.

by Kye Kurion

Comments (2)

Wow, i never thought of it that way. your amazing.
Omg i love this one too... this is another one of your poems that are really good.