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Makin' Up Stuff (Children)
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Makin' Up Stuff (Children)

My mommy is a writer.
She has stories in her head.
I hear her typing late at night
when I am in my bed.

I like to read the things she writes,
well, the kids’ stuff anyway.
The other stuff’s too old for me,
but I can read that, too, someday.

She calls me her inspiration
for the poetry she writes.
I guess that means I’m pretty smart
for someone just my size.

Boy, grownups sure are funny.
I don’t understand, sometimes.
I like to make up stories, too...
but they call them little white lies.

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That was good..... Preets
Oho, there's a footnote to the psychohistory of literature...funny, same thing happened to me...