Making Ends Meet Is Making Me Beat

I woke up this morning,
washing off sleep with a lukewarm shower,
then raced down the wooden steps
and into the car -
into the rat race once again.
Traffic, blaring truck horns,
the man in the next car was picking his nose.

Another day of working two jobs.
No calls from friends anymore.
I think they're tired of hearing the same lame excuse.
Can't do it today. I'm working.
How about another time?
I promise!

Thank Heavens for caffeine.
I've come to believe it's a gift from the gods.
I'd probably be running on empty if I hadn't
had that pot of coffee to wash down my breakfast
(a slice of cheddar cheese) .

Even if I could add an 8th day to each week,
I still would have no time to think.
Morning arrives in a frenzy,
stirring the once-settled dust.
And, just as quickly as daylight sets in,
I glance out the window at dusk.

by Amanda Lukas

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