Making Love

I lie beside you, with you in my arms,
as you snuggle up to me, I can feel all your charms,
both of us thinking of the love, we have to give,
made for each other, so our love can live,
the full moon shining way up on high,
the stars shining brightly in the night sky,
your face in the moonlight, sets my heart aglow,
I feel the love in our bodies so swiftly flow,
from your heart to mine, and my heart to yours,
I could lie here beside you for hours and hours,
closer we cuddle, holding each other tight,
just being with you seems so terribly right,
your body trembles as our passions rise,
hugging and kissing, with those blissful sighs,
with your leg raised up, over my hip,
I pull you closer and into you slip,
the feeling is magic, it feels so devine,
to know your passion is equal to mine,
hearts beating wildly, we thrust and we moan,
I'm way deep inside you and hard as a bone,
with our passions soaring, I stop for a while,
you know what I'm doing, I can tell by your smile,
after a hug, a cuddle and a passionate kiss,
we continue on our journey to that magical bliss,
up towards the heavens we soar once again,
pumping and thrusting all the way in,
you moaning and whispering, that you're almost there,
still, we continue our thrusting, without any care,
your legs wrapped around me, squeezing me tight,
I keep on thrusting with all of my might,
soon our passions have risen up to their peak,
and we're in the rapture that we always seek,
with our passions sated, we both just relax,
holding each other, so we don't collapse,
I lovingly gaze at your sweet face,
then I wrap my arms around you for a sweet embrace,
with smiles on our lips we both close our eyes,
and slowly we both drift off to our paradise.

by Harry Bryant

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keep the fire burning and let there be no firemen around...very lovely Harry...the flame is steamng with passion