PTL (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Making Love By Moonlight

Laying under the stars
Alone in a city park
Away from all the noise and cars
Aside from the moonlight, it's dark

Pulling out a cigarette
Asking if it's okay
Smiling your smile I never forget
Your love is bright as day

Resting on the ground is a little tough
As I hold you in my arms
Off my Marlboro I take another puff
Absolved by your benevolent charm

I point out to you the planet Mars
Its color as red as fire
You're glad we're away from the bars
Drinking wine and Fat Tire

You play with my long blonde hair
Quietly joyous we're together
We have our souls to share
You snuggle a little closer

I rapidly point out constellations
I want to show all of them to you
My boyish excitement needs no explanation
You're fascinated by them, too

The night is warm this summer
But it isn't a drag
The heat couldn't come any sooner
We don't mind if autumn lags

I put my cigarette out
It's about time
In the stars twas you I almost forgot about
And that'd be a crime

I gently take ahold of your hand
Bring it to my shirtless chest; bare skin
We're about to love in a foreign land
We don't care if it's a sin

I get into position
First kiss you under the moonlight
Then I make love with passion
O, and it feels just right

Panting, your beauty immerses me
Groaning, you think there's no better
Gasping, only with you I'm free
Moaning, he's the perfect lover

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Wow! That was very good, if it's not the song you were speaking of, it should be. Beautiful Paul. I can't think of a better visual impression to be surrounded by when making love. It is what we should all strive for just once in our lives at least.. Well done. Smiling at you, Tai