The Woods At Night

The binocular owl,
fastened to a limb
like a lantern
all night long,

sees where all
the other birds sleep:
towhee under leaves,
titmouse deep

in a twighouse,
sapsucker gripped
to a knothole lip,
redwing in the reeds,

swallow in the willow,
flicker in the oak -
but cannot see poor

under the hill
in deadbrush nest,
who's awake, too -
with stricken eye

flayed by the moon
her brindled breast
repeats, repeats, repeats its plea
for cruelty.

by May Swenson

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Comments (4)

Very heartfelt and meaningful. Lovely plea for love to love back and remain true.
Beautifully honest and meaningful. Esra Sloblock
That was great, very delicate and charming. If only more females could articulate their feelings like you.
Very sweet and heartfelt Emma. Feelings out in the open, for all to see - the way we all ought to be. Lovely poem H