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Making Me Want You More.
EA (4th April 1983 / U.K.)

Making Me Want You More.

From the moment i open my eyes 'till the moment i close them,
I have something on my mind
Its you,
No matter where i go or what i do
I hope you'll be there to help me through.

Every time you touch me,
Every time you kiss me,
You make me want you more,
Theres no words to describe how you make me feel,
But you should know i love you as much as i do and more.

I want to feel you beside me forever,
I want to share every breath you breathe,
I want us to grow old together
And i never want to feel the pain that would be felt should you ever leave.

You mean the world to me and more,
I would never do anything to hurt you, ever.
Please help me to see this through
So we can be together now and forever.

J x

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Comments (4)

Very heartfelt and meaningful. Lovely plea for love to love back and remain true.
Beautifully honest and meaningful. Esra Sloblock
That was great, very delicate and charming. If only more females could articulate their feelings like you.
Very sweet and heartfelt Emma. Feelings out in the open, for all to see - the way we all ought to be. Lovely poem H