Making My Way Down The River

Making my way down the river
The water's up to my knees
Yet I press on

Green flying demons notice me
They try to attack me
Or they just fly by

Making my way down the river
I notice grassy hills with dead flowers
As well as stone formations
Ones that were similar to the ones I saw
outside the gates to Dracula's property
And stone columns

The current seems to be possessed
As it wants to go this way and that way
It also seems like it wants to play games
with me and my mind
Even offering pits of deadly spikes for me
to step on
But I avoid them
And I march on

Making my way down the river
I know I must continue on
No matter what the cost
No matter what is lost
No matter what the price I'll have to pay
Going through this

by Justin Gildow

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