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Making Of A Man

Man doesn't want to beg or rob
To support himself he needs and wants a job
And when he does, he'll do the best that he can
And truly what he does, makes himself a man,
He doesn't want to rely by the support of others
Whether they be friends or strangers, or sisters or brothers
He wants to build and support with his own two hands
As that is truly, what makes himself a man,
He wants to be proud of how he lives his life
As he would rather give than take, from the needy in life
The calluses on his hands shows where he has been
As being a lazy man, he will never be accused of that sin,
Everything he owns he has paid for and bought
From the work he has done, the possessions he sought
And the pride started when he could either begged or steal
But then he knows that life is either a sweet or sour pill,
He lives by his pride and his honor is his work
Supporting himself and his family is his greatest perk
He will continue this tradition until he cannot anymore
When his body is tired, and his muscles are sore,
Then the day will come when he is old and gray
And out in the pasture they will put him to graze
He will remember how he worked and proudly he did stand
And how he sweated and worked; as he became a man.

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