Making The Act Of This No Different

It is ludicrous and with absurdity to believe,
People religiously affliated...
Perceive their indoctrinations are separated,
From politics.
When every aspect of their lives,
Are connected with such depth to it.

And whether organized or not in fellowship,
With these 'cliques'...
Someone sermonizing behind a pulpit,
Will remind...
Everyone who congregates owes a percentage,
Of what they are paid...
To save their souls.

Making the act of this no different,
Than those enforced to pay taxes 'religiously'...
To keep what they believe is theirs,
From being repossessed.
With their 'souls' to magically rest after death,
In some place they are convinced is called 'Heaven'.
After the 'Hell' they have lived on Earth!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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