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Of living a successful life he did fail
For dealing in narcotics he has spend years in jail
A father and grandfather he has never had a wife
Though many women have come to and gone from his life

But Mal in his late seventies enjoys his sexual flings today
That of women he is not finished yet only true for to say
For his years robust and healthy though balding and gray
From a fight he is one who would not back away

Most of the local young bullies only too aware
That Mal in a brawl of himself can take care
The few young blokes foolish enough for to test him who have tried
Have been left with a serious dent to their pride

Though some of the roughest of males to them can have a compassionate and courageous side
And Big Mal for his bravery is known far and wide
He risked his life to save his neighbor Mrs Mancini's baby daughter from a house fire
To her he is a hero a man to admire

To a small band of survivors he does surely belong
Big Mal in his late seventies is still going strong
From a broken home homeless as a teenager a rough existence he did lead
But a story of his life would make a great read

In a one bedroom rental apartment he lives on his own
And though as the gentle sort he will never be known
From one in need of help he would never turn away
And he is not a bad person despite what some of him do say

In the local pub his face is a known sight
Where he drinks four or five or six beers every night
Though not one to ever go looking for fight
When challenged he has never taken to flight.

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