Malay Bay

I saw the pics, I counted the ships,
I knew right then I had a wish..
And from your face, I saw the place,
the place where the Malay, daily work and try,
try to make life worth living, worth saving,
worth dreaming the dream..

The dream of warm sandy beaches, tropical breezes,
And sweet, chewy coconut confections,
drying in the bright summer sun.
Ah..I dream a dream, reality it seems, is so whimsical,
so fleeting and distant, on cloud filtered sunbeams.
like the morning fog..
burning off the tall green grass by the blue lagoon..
Always reaching, but never touching..

Our hearts were beating, thundering as one!
Then blue eyes met brown,
and the world seemed to melt away,
slide away, from the new-found reality we called our own.
On that warm, wind-washed day, beside the
golden sands, of Malay Bay..

(California May 15 2000)

by Robert Ratts

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