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Malcolm Is For Malcolm

A million dollars out of his own bank account to re-elect himself as Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did spend
Though this is not in the least surprising as Malcolm is not or never will be the poor person's friend
That Malcolm is for Malcolm is not saying anything that is new
It is known that his friends are only among the privileged few
By the way he does speak there is not a shadow of a doubt
That Malcolm and his government does not care anything about
The extreme poor, the homeless, the refugees and the down trod
And all of those known as the children of the lesser god
In the recent Federal Election any of the government or main opposition party on poverty had nothing for to say
And for to appease the unsympathetic voters from Australian waters boat Asylum seekers turn away
Malcolm Turnbull a former merchant banker and Australia's Prime Minister and a known multi millionaire
And sad to say people like him nowadays are no longer rare
And most of their sort of those doing it tough do not wish to know
Whilst the extreme poor of the World in numbers grow and grow.

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