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Malcolm Or Bill

Malcolm Turnbull preferred Prime Minister of Australia to Bill Shorten in the polls by the majority
But as Australia's Prime Minister every time i see and and hear him on t v
I feel he is looking down on people like me
And i feel he is a snob though most with this would not agree
And as for Bill Shorten of him do not know what to say
He seems more down to earth than the Prime Minister on his speaking way
His dream of becoming Australia's Prime Minister he may never fulfill
And if they do not win this year's election the Labor Party will surely dump Bill
Who wins the next Australian Federal Election i for one does not care
That either the Coalition or the Labor Party will not be legislating for poor people i am all too aware
What would Malcolm or Bill know of real poverty
Their Political Parties only legislate for the wealthy minority is how it seems to be
Malcolm or Bill for Prime Minister good luck to them both is all i can say
But i will not be voting for either of them on Federal Election Day.

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