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Malcolm's Selfies

Malcolm Turnbull is into self in quite a big way
With his expensive mobile phone he takes selfies of himself every day
Images of him taking selfies often appear
It is not in Macdonald's that his sort does dine
Suppose on the walls of their mansion lounge room many selfies of himself and Lucy with Worldwide dignitaries are on display
Proof of his rather swollen ego Malcolm does not hide away
He is as he behaves an upper class snob
Than as Australia's ex Prime Minister at taking selfies he does a better job
The polls are showing that the future of the government is under a cloud of doubt
It looks like at the next Australian Federal Election they will be voted out
And Malcolm for taking selfies now has much more time
Though this is his hobby and is not a crime
Perhaps all of his wealthy friends like him much the same
Since swollen egos always come with money and fame.

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