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Malcolm Turnbull's Crusade

Since the fall from grace of his former deputy Barnaby Joyce
Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has added his voice
On love between his ministers and their staff he has put a ban
A parliamentary decree from a self proclaimed moral man

Malcolm is more interested in his own political power and his public esteem
As most politicians are it clearly does seem
But will his ministers obey his orders and love's feelings forego
Were i a betting man on this i would surely bet no

That the Barnaby Joyce affair has harmed his government Malcolm is all too aware
And for morality in his cabinet he is only pretending he does care
A ban on love affairs in his cabinet he feels votes for him may win
Though it should be made clear to fall in love is never a sin

Malcolm the Prime Minister that compassion in public did feign a year ago
Or perhaps a bit longer it may be so
Gave five dollars to a beggar on the street after he had taken note
That there were photographers in attendance a cheap way for him to self promote

For one of his wealth five dollars from Malcolm to a poor person to say the least a bit mean
Perhaps in the back of his mind for the poor keep them hungry, homeless and lean
The man who for cabinet morality leads a parliamentary crusade
It is out of flawed people that some heroes are made

Malcolm Turnbull is hoping that his cabinet love affair ban new votes for him will gain
Though it does seem that hoping for him may be all in vain
Since his government of late with the voters has been on the nose
But in politics things can change one does have to suppose.

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