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Malcolm Turnbull's Dream

To be a great Prime Minister of Australia was Malcolm Turnbull's dream
But on the online comments on him of late criticisms by the ream
For his recent slump in popularity his nemesis Tony Abbott by name
Is the one that the poor Malcolm in some ways does place the blame

In September 2015 when he deposed Tony Abbott to become Australia's Prime Minister he was lauded as a great king
And the majority of voters his praises did loudly sing
But what a difference to the life of a politician less than two years can bring
In early twenty seventeen Malcolm to power he is struggling to cling

Poor in some ways Malcolm is not so in a financial way
One of the wealthiest people in the Australia of today
If he is deposed as Australia's prime Minister he will be financially okay
It will be just a small puncture in his over inflated ego in truth one can say

They have dwindled in numbers those on him who believe
As Prime minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has only flattered to deceive
Like some of his predecessors as a P M he has failed to make the grade
And hopes of him clinging to power until the next federal election are beginning to fade.

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