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Maldon On A September Night

The high country dark and peaceful under the stars light
And the tiny breeding frogs are singing in Maldon tonight
September in early Spring their main breeding time of year
In ponds and in drains singing at night them one does hear
On a September night in Maldon the boobook owl call
Mopoke mopoke the familiar cries of this mottled brown nocturnal hunter who preys on creatures tiny to small
At night familiar voices of the countryside
By day in small bushy trees out of sight they does hide
With young cubs to feed in their den nearby
In Maldon on a September night the hunting foxes cry
Yet the night is quite calm and the air is so still
And the countryside sleeps by Tarrengower Hill
And the breeding frogs are singing under the stars light
In Maldon in the high country on a September night.

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