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Male Id Ego
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Male Id Ego

Poem By AHO Speaks

Man's rightousness and understanding not by the clothes he wears
Nor by titles of ordination or birthright or by oaths; they do swear
The individual mind interprets and discerns the words not a human ear.

King Arthur and his knights spent a lifetime searching for a holy Grail
Knights of the round table planning the journey's without one female
If mankind's journey continues to be singular it is guaranteed to fail.

Since time began man has lived with the Grail as it sits upon his head
A center for every and all human thought and intent; until it is dead
The evil one understood quickly that the mind just wanted to be fed.

Questions, thoughts and answers separate man from any other form
Also the purpose and blessing of a family from a Mother each is born.
Truly humanities reason and purpose that children must be adorned.

Humanity is more than one culture yet reason and purpose are the same
One child denied and not protected than whom will your God blame?
Different cultures and religions, but it is man who does bear the shame.

There are many cultures, languages, religions and govenments too
Past empires ruled by exclusively men with power seldom ever grew
For too long only the rule of men and his ideologies too many not new.

The home is sacred and each one within including a Father and Mother
Only a family has endured for humanities future for sister or brother
Singular purpose and reason for earth's existence, as there is no other.

Every subculture has its reason and purpose and unique thoughts
Also many times its own language to communicate what it wrought
Refuses to accept knowledge is earth bound, or else they just forgot.

11-15-05 Aho Speaks

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