Male-Schematic Cum Rationalist-Fanatic

Inspired by the word works of Heinrich Heydrich

I pay a profoundly precious price,
for espousing my innate pragmatism;
this disease, you cure me of,
with restraints and a television tube;
all of my ‘aunties', used to say,
marriage is the ultimate shelved cold case;
rocked, abused, slaughtered, and wrecked,
a tentacle grasped, arse-kissed, ready maid mess;
failed and missed, faulted and misrepresented,
slide your pair of shapelier lips, over this;
explaining away, any phallic predicament,
oh baby, because you, are all that and more;
wake up now fool, rudely assimilated, and gurgling,
for each moment, matricidal matrimony, is suicidal;
less time watching boxing, and much more self-masturbating,
during the cognitive collapsing of your bungled servitude;
one day when you are wasted, raise your right,
and plant one on her jaw, the rule of evidence no longer applies;
there is a hand, and here is another, and I am not praying,
notice how they seem to be strangling each other;
conditional things to blossoms, all are that anathema to me,
I assume, you will want retraction, of this epic in writing;
a short-circuiting of the motherboards hardwiring,
apparently, this thrice penned palimpsest persists;
where should the original wright then, be scribbling,
every other's flaws prove a litany to my being;
pointed out with cross haired accuracy,
self-projecting justification, firing for effect;
as the sick pretend empathy, this Jinn's will deepens,
extrinsically pursuing twilight's absurd ideal;
why have things, when the worse is to be expected,
rather, I respect my enemy, become a henchman, ah so;
or simply adjust my ego, and inflate my resolve,
become paradoxically contorted, a shining path to self-emollition;
that borderline, disordered, emotionally challenged contagion,
the shadowy entity of my essence, pressed into expressing love;
that most selfish thing, or, shall I continue to,
"do unto others, before they do unto you".

by Michael Walkerjohn

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