Malignant Souls

In appearance.
They may not show themselves to be recipients,
Of malignant souls.
Mentally vicious and aggressively malicious.
But with a narcissistic ego,
This is apparent.
This presence is exposed.

Unfeeling, uncaring and serving heartlessness.
To those undeserving.
But an empathy to expect it.
None come from the ones,
Who only can address a wickedness to express.
And too sickening to accept.
By the many who possess,
Blood flowing through their veins.
Declaring themselves sane.
Still yet they allow no shame to exclaim.
As they follow the dictates,
Of those who expose to show...
Their souls to be malignant.
Spreading without intervention.
To end the epidemic of it to exist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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