Maligned To Remember

Coddled to pamper.
By one accustomed to taking,
Faked created detours.
Away from the dirt and garbage,
Dumped on others to do.
Is a technique,
A piper uses to persuade...
Those easily confused.
With sweetened dramatics.
That at a dead end stalls.
With no appearance of a flute.
Anyone recalls.

When then it becomes noticed,
This flutist is more fluke.
A fresh fish out of water.
Flipping around...
Like fish out of water do.
Duping to produce,
Familiar sugar coated excuses.
Bought and sold.
By those following along.
They were heading towards gold.
And not a brick wall to hit.
Nor expecting to be told,
The detour taken they took...
Had been an unfinished concept.
Someone else's idea.
The dupe player blames...
As game for fun.
Done as a childish trick.
And eyes ice up.
Freezing on this 'piper' quick.

But that one accused,
And confronted confessed.
A concept stolen,
Had been misinterpreted...
To represent,
Something solid.
Like bricks held together,
With applied cement.
Not the gold in one's mind,
To keep polished and shined...
All the time.

This explanation,
Shouldn't lessen the time...
In the minds of those,
Maligned to remember...
Being undermined,
By a fake piper with no flute.
But flips like a flute,
When stalled against a wall.
Too tall to climb.
Or jump over to disappear.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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