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Is all the world a mall
of disconnected stores
personally I get bored,
seen one Gucci seen em all
perhaps oneday they’ll meet
be one street
where teens seen strolling trolling,
bargain hunting
label looking tyre kicking
coveting magazining
marketing strategising
searching foody halls
beseting increasing
exposing belly buttoning
gluttoning fat navel
inny outtys ringed and bejewelled
profit marginalised
wanting what will joy them up
employ perhaps for discounting
each wants to be different but following
trending not leading statements
not the same got subtle changes
colorized with
emphasized body lines
they look so fine
bums devine
body piercing
thine eyes Infected
connected by sales
bargain bins galores
have shop will travel
till dropped from exhaustion
will there be a day when all the crap they want
has been collected and theres no one left to sell
another objectifying
retailing saleing
piece of unwanted craps
that fill shelves and mantlepeices
in homes stacked
closeted coat hangering
crappy nic nacking
unconnected mall

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