Mama where are you...
When I feel your presence near?
Mama where are you?
When I hear your voice plain and clear?

I wish I could see your face
Appear before me now.
To see the smile that I know
And those hugs I wish God allowed!

At times we were so close,
I didn't care who called me 'Mama's Boy'.
We had our differences and opinions
That brought to us both tears and joy!

It doesn't seem as if
Many years have passed since you died.
Some days I wish I could hear you say,
'Boy, please go and play outside! '

Mama where are you...
When I feel your presence near?
There is one thing I know,
Even though I miss you so.
In my heart I hold you, Mama...
Where I feel your closeness grows!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (4)

I'm wearing the shoe on the other is my son I lost....the poem is great and honors all the good Ednas in the world.....thanks Vallerie
My mother, Edna was/is a wonderful person. I will always have deep respect for her as a woman 1st. And in most cases, I'm sure I'm not the exception, the appreciation we have for our mothers becomes more apparent when they have passed on! But their influence remains intact in a way that can not be described. it has to be heartfelt! Thank you for your comments! Best wishes...L
~Aw, that was so beautiful, and touching~
This is one of the most endearing and touching poems I have read, beautiful, timeless and well..., just wonderful Top marks for a top guy Love duncan X