Mama's Boy

Who held me responsible,
and accountable for my actions?
My mama.
Who made sure I did my chores...
with a buttoned lip and no back talk?
Doing what I did...
and her voice I would not ignore?
My mama.
When I made a face that was out of place,
and mumbled my thoughts...
I just knew she couldn't 'trace'.
Mama would say, 'Do what I say, boy...
and fix that face! '
Mama's boy is a man now.
And every step I take...
Is done without excuses.
Because my mama didn't allow me to fake!
Or look for an easy 'out' to make!
She knew for me there would be few easy breaks.
And taught me what it was to love...
As she surprised me with a wink!
Served with ice cream...
and a slice of my favorite cake!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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very thoughtful piece of POETRY. Take care.