LS (08/17/1950 / Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, N.C.)

Mama You Forgot To Say Good-Bye

Mama, you went off and left me
Without even saying good-bye,
You left without a warning
And I can't help but wonder why.

Was it because you thought I couldn't take it?
Or maybe you didn't want to be detained,
But Mama, look at how you left me
I am in so much pain.

Mam, I'm so confused
Now I really don't know what to do,
Some say, hold on it won't be long
The Lord will see you through.

Mama, I'm not angry
I'm glad you're out of this mess,
Mama, I'll always love you
But, God proved He loves you best.

I know now what I must do
And that's live holy everyday,
For when Jesus shall come to gather His own
Just know I'm on my way.

I too want to hear Him say well done
He'll welcome us with a smile,
Well done My good and faithful ones
Come in and rest a while.

Now you just keep on looking for me
For I tell you it won't be long,
Before the Lord shall come again
And take his children on home.

We'll sing, we'll shout, we'll jump and say
All our troubles are of the past,
We'll be with Him forevermore
Praise God we'll be free at last.

Now Mama, I'll try not to cry anymore
I'll try to hold back the tears,
I'll think of all the wonderful times
And thank God for the 52 years.

(From Your Daughter, Linda Stroud- written April 27th 2003)

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