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Mamma Earth
DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

Mamma Earth

Poem By David Darbyshire

When the Crows get Up
The mice goto Sleep
As the Eagle soars High
All the rabbits Weep
As the fish swim Deep
The red salmon Leap
The big brown Bear
Is always There
Some buffalo Graze
In the morning Haze
The groundhog sits up and has a Look
No shadow to see, it's head it Shook
'Nature is Everywhere'
Animals and Plants
God made it Good
This we Understand
It's beautiful the Sun and Sky
Wonderful, the rivers and Creeks
You breath in and get High
But alas we let out a long Sigh
For all is not good, 'Understood'
Our nature is Weak
So what can be Wrong?
When all the Fish are Dead
And the last river drys Up
Plus the last tree Drops
Man will Realize
You cannot eat 'Money'

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There are some lovely lines in this poem David, I really loved reading it, and the story is so true, what are we doing to our planet? Sincerely Ernestine