JW (8/1/1988 / Chicago)


Man, from time to time, does what he means not,
And so this remains man’s sorrowful lot.
He does not always say what he means to express,
Sometimes with love, it is anger he does profess.
He speaks of sorrow when only light shines round,
And is deaf to even the greatest of sound.
He worries of loss when loss is not near,
Yet he worries out of ignorant fear.
It is paradoxical, the state of man,
Emotions in flux through life’s span,
From happiness to sadness to other extremes,
Man dreams in bliss as easily as he screams.
He instigates without truthfully knowing why,
Not truly feeling anger, just wanting to cry.
It is through patience, love, and peace,
That man’s suffering will then only cease.
Patience with the world and for those you care,
Will let you breathe and be rid of despair.
Love of the good, and love those who love you,
Will open your eyes and make happiness true.
Be at peace with the world, for you cannot control all,
Accept things without pride, and let the world enthrall.
Listen to others as if it were the last time you could,
And remind others that their love is understood.
Tell those you feel for that you truly do,
Friends love to hear such bonds anew.
But most importantly, out of any such action,
For the greatest of good and true satisfaction,
Remind yourself of your humanity, and remember pain,
For if peace is forgotten and love lost, then all is in vain.

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